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LIFT : Personal Trainer

Personal Training Our Personal Trainers are skilled professionals with extensive experience and are nationally certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, the International Fitness Professionals Association, and/or American Council on Exercise.  They possess the knowledge and skills needed to design and implement safe and effective workout programs for both general and special populations.  Your Personal Trainer will work hard to help you achieve your goals while keeping you motivated and most importantly, accountable.  They are invested in seeing you succeed!

Nutritional Guidance No amount of exercise will reshape your body without appropriate nutrition.   If you want to lose weight easily, never feel hungry, have increased energy, and keep the fat off forever, there is only one surefire way, and MPT trainers know it well.  We know that maintaining a well-rounded diet can be challenging.  Poor eating habits, busy lifestyles and conflicting information about food make it even more challenging.  We offer straightforward simple solutions that will have you and your family headed in the right direction.

Online Training KMO offers affordable,quality training for highly motivated individulas that are unwilling or unable to work with me in the studio.  I equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in your wellness goals.  Training is customized to the individual and covers nutrition,supplements,workout programs,on-line support and that accountability that will help you achieve your goals and reach your personal best.  Email for more information at info@moffettpersonaltraining.com

Competition Training  As a top 3 Nationally ranked Figure and Bikini competitor, I know what it takes to succeed in this sport.  Competition training encompasses every detail that goes into transitioning from gym to stage-including nutrition,workouts and image prep.  If you are serious about being the best that you can be and competing at your personal best you owe it to yourself to invest in a coach that walks the walk and knows what it takes to be a winner.  Email me today for more information at info@moffettpersonaltraining.com


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