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LIFT : Curl

See how her hard work is paying off:
2012 Master's National's - 2nd Place, 2012 Emerald Cup MASTER'S OVER 40 BIKINI - 1st Place, Master's Overall Title winner - 2011 Vancouver Natural Bikini, MASTER'S OVER 35 - 1st Place, 2011 Emerald Cup Bikini, MASTER'S OVER 40 - 1st Place, 2011 Washington State Open Bikini, MASTER'S OVER 35 - 1st Place, 2011 NPC North American Championships(Nationals) MASTER'S BIKINI CLASS B - 3rd place, 2011 Ironman BIKINI OPEN CLASS B- 1st Place, 2010 Vancouver Natural, 1st Place, MASTER'S OVER 35 • 2010 Emerald Cup - 5th Place, MASTER'S OVER 35 • 2010 Washington State Open - 2nd Place, MASTER'S OVER 35 • 2010 NPC Northern Classic, 1st Place, MASTER'S OVER 35, OVERALL TITLE • 2010 Ironman - 2nd Place, MASTER'S OVER 35 • 2010 Iron Mountain- 1st Place, MASTER'S OVER 35 • 2010 Northwest Championship - 1st Place MASTER'S OVER 35, OVERALL TITLE 

And then there’s the clients that are raving:

 "Kristen has changed my life.  I’ve always been a runner --- but couldn’t run when I needed knee surgery, so I went to Kristen to stay “in shape.”  Instead, she took my shape to another dimension. I’m stronger, 30+ pounds thinner, and healthier than I have ever been in my entire life.  I’m so happy now, my husband says he’d give up cable TV before I’d have to give up Kristen!”


"When people ask me how I lost weight, I tell them about my amazing personal trainer. Kristen has a wealth of knowledge about fitness and nutrition, and I'm always learning something new from her. She's also encouraging, funny, and her own incredible accomplishments are so inspiring. If you follow her guidance you will see the results you want.”


“I've lost 20 lbs in the 10 months since I started working with Kristen. A close friend looked fantastic, and said she had been seeing Kristen for the same length of time.
Though previously I've been skeptical about "personal trainers" (both cost and expertise) I committed to giving it a solid effort and at least 3 months (and BTW commute from West Seattle to Magnolia).

The first 10 lbs came off in in 3 months thru the intensity of 2x week sessions. At 45 I understood that resistance was the goal, but I never had the diligence.  After 3 months I changed my food and by May 1st I had dropped from a starting weight of 143 lbs. to 128. I'm comfortable now at 123lbs and I've never felt better.  Given the fact that I travel and entertain for business a large amount of each month, I am grateful to have a better working knowledge of how exercise and food can be modified to best fit my life!

Kristen understands that people have limited time and funds. She knows people expect results. My only comment if you are considering this program is:  "show up and do what she says".  Kristen's' workouts are part of my life and in the process I gained a great friend too.  Who could ask for more?”


“Since I began with Kristen I have gained a new body, self-esteem, and new out look on life. I am now 40 pounds lighter and living an active, happy lifestyle. She changed my life!”

- ERMILA           


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